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              幸運餅干(fortune cookie)、左宗棠雞(General Tso chicken)、牛肉西蘭花(beef with broccoli),還有炒雜碎(chop suey),這些美食,吃貨們你們都聽說過嗎?雖然中國人民聞所未聞,但在太平洋的那一頭,它們可是美國人公認的地道中國菜。這到底是神馬情況?且聽美國《紐約時報》記者為大家一一道來。

              A lot of the foods that you think of or we think of or Americans think of as Chinese food are barely recognizable to Chinese.
              Recognizable:adj. 可辨認的;可認識的;可承認的。barely recognizable to Chinese就是中國人的認不出來。
              For example, I took a whole bunch of fortune cookies back to China, gave them to Chinese to see how they would react.
              a whole bunch of:一大堆。這個是在口語中很常用的表示“多”的詞,美國總統奧巴馬就曾在他的電臺演講中用過這個詞語:Now if you don’t have insurance, you can go to HealthCare.gov, where you’ll find a menu of a bunch of different plans and what each plan covers and how much each plan costs.
              In Kyoto, outside, there are still small family-run bakeries that make fortune cookies, as they did over 100 years ago, 30 years before fortune cookies were introduced in the United States.
              family-run:家族經營的。small family-run就是家庭小作坊式的,bakeries是面包店。

              Theirs are actually flavored with miso and sesame paste, so they're not as sweet as our version.
              flavored with:有……味道的。在做陪同口譯的時候,如果需要翻譯菜單,這個詞語就會經常用到,比如水煮魚 fish flavored with hot pepper,茴香豆beans flavored with aniseed,魚香肉絲 fish-flavored shredded pork in hot sauce,等等。
              The Japanese immigrants came over, and a bunch of the bakers introduced them.
              came over:過來;順便來訪;抓住
              introduce:這是一個口譯中常常要用到的詞語。出臺了一個什么政策都可以用這個詞,比如中央管理企業負責人薪酬制度改革意見出臺,可以翻成Guidelines for reforming the remuneration system for executives in central government enterprises were introduced. 有時候說“引進”技術等等,也可以用到這個詞。
              We locked up all the Japanese during World War II, including those that made fortune cookies, so that's the time when the Chinese moved in, kind of saw a market opportunity and took over.
              Lock up:把…鎖起來;關起來。
              market opportunity:市場機遇。這個詞在商務口譯中常用。
              take over:接管
              Fortune cookies: invented by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese, but ultimately consumed by Americans. They are more American than anything else.
              Popularized:普及。口譯中,說到“推廣”,常常用到這個詞。也可以表示“弘揚”,比如弘揚中國文化就是popularize Chinese culture。
              Ultimately:adv. 最后;根本;基本上
              more American than anything else:more...than 除了“比……多”的意思之外,也可以表示“與其”,這句話有“與其說是其他國家的,倒更像是美國的”,或者可以簡單說成“完全就是美國的”。


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                All films and TV shows are vetted by a government committee Oddly, however, China has no ratings system to den

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